Children's Picture Books for Paediatric Care in SA

November 09, 2016 Imagnary House

A child’s imagination and power over fantasy play can help bring up the most difficult of conversations. That’s why we’re publishing picture books for children facing life-threatening and limiting illnesses.

We’ve launched a brand new imprint of Imagnary House, called Imagnary Friends. Our new imprint is dedicated to aiding paediatric care in South Africa with focused children’s books. We’re working with children’s hospitals and health organisations to write picture books on complex ideas that children facing life-threatening and limiting illnesses need to talk through.

Publishing children's picture books for paediatric care

In fact, we’re currently writing our first Imagnary Friends book for Paedspal Paediatric Palliative Care. This book opens up a conversation about mortality for children in their clinic. Facing the idea of death is often a topic more easily left unapproached, especially when you’re a child. That’s why we’re trying to make it a little easier to talk about by producing The Girl Who Was Made of Mist.

Publishing Children's Picture Books for Paediatric Care

Who are Paedspal?

Paedspal Cape Town is a public-private partnership programme that provides care and support for children living with life threatening and life limiting illnesses in the Western Cape. But really, they're just a lovely bunch of people.

Even their name is a wonderful child-like thing. It's a play on words, with the ‘pal’ being a shortening of the word ‘palliative’ as well as a colloquial word for ‘friend’.

Their practice is to provide a multi-disciplinary paediatric palliative care service to select public and private hospitals. Their team currently consists of two paediatricians, a medical officer, a counsellor, an occupational therapist and an aromatherapist.

What is The Girl Who Was Made of Mist?

The Girl Who Was Made of Mist is a children's picture book being written by B. D. Harris for use by Paedspal Paediatric Palliative Care to help children facing life-threatening illnesses talk through mortality.

The plot: A small boy finds a girl in his garden one morning who's made of mist. There are many marvellous thoughts to be had if one is made of mist, but the girl is so terribly frightened of disappearing as the sun rises that she can't get one of these thoughts into her head. So, together, the children answer the worried questions of the girl who's made of mist... where she might be going, who might meet her there, and how she'll find her way.

How Can You Help?

There are a number of ways you can help us with our mission to support paediatrics. The two ways that we'd love to see support are by:

1) Donating to Paedspal (specify it’s for the book, if you’d like to).

2) Coming to the fundraising picnic, where Majozi will be serenading you.

We'd love to see you at the picnic! If you do happen to pop by, there'll even be an exciting raffle happening on the day with many prizes to be won (perhaps even some kids books - who knows!). Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more.

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  • Imagnary House

    Nov 24, 2016

    Hi Inge, thanks for your questions! You can follow our journey with ‘The Girl Who Was Made of Mist’ and all other Imagnary Friends projects by signing up to as an “imagary friend”. You can do this by clicking on the little gadget bouncing on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
    Kind regards,
    the Imagnary House team

  • Inge Kleine

    Nov 24, 2016

    This sounds wonderful. But how do we follow the release of the book? And of any future projects under the Imagnary Friends imprint? Thanks xx

  • Max Stinson

    Nov 13, 2016

    This sounds like a fantastic initiative! Really looking forward to seeing your initial release of ‘The Girl Who Was Made of Mist’ and the impact it has…

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