Submit to our Creative Journal

These guidelines contain all the information you might need to submit your manuscript to Imagnary House's creative journal, The Imagnary.

The Imagnary is a creative journal that explores imagination in literature, art, and science. It's published every Spring season, and is a free digital publication (for now) that features some of the best work in literature, art, and science that we've come across. Our first edition will be published in September 2017. Submissions from this period will likely only be published in 2018. 

Short Story Submissions

We will consider short story submissions in the following genres:

  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy

    If you feel your short story falls within our guidelines, please send us the following:

    • Entire manuscript
    • Short author biography
    • A brief background to the story and why you wrote it
    • If a short story is illustrated, please send through 3 examples these in .JPG format 

    Comic, Graphic, and Illustrative Submissions

    We will also be considering YA comic book and graphic novel submissions that deal with alternative-reality, science-fiction or fantasy elements. We will also consider stand-alone illustrations in these genres. 

    If you feel your comic book or graphic novel falls within our guidelines and style, please send us the following:

    • First 5 pages of manuscript including all illustrations (.JPG format)
    • Short author biography
    • A brief synopsis of the story, and a brief paragraph on why you wrote it
    • If you're submitting stand-alone illustrations, please send across 3 examples of your work in .JPG format. 

    Essay and Letter Submissions

    We will also be considering essay and letter submissions that tackle some form of literature, science or art as a topic.

    Again, we will lean towards submissions that have an element of science-fiction or fantasy (for those science buffs, think Tesla stuff), but we're also looking for topics that explore imagination and what it is/how it's used.

    If you feel your essay or letter falls within our guidelines and style, please send us the following:

    • The entire essay or letter (with applicable references)
    • Short author biography
    • A brief paragraph on why you wrote it

    How to Submit

    Send your submissions to Gordon Ritchie at

    Your submission should be in .PDF or .docx format, and your email should clearly state your name and contact details. In order to be green, we do not accept hardcopy submissions (unless solicited by us) - this includes submissions via fax, CD and/or harddrives. 

    Owing to the volume of submissions we receive, the assessment process may in some instances take up to 3 months. 

    Submission for publication in 'The Imagnary' places Imagnary House under no obligation to publish your material, and we reserve the right to select our publication list according to our own in-house guidelines. 

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