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Creative Writing Masterclass

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In the Creative Writing Masterclass course, you'll be tutored and guided for 4 months by our publisher in your chosen medium (novel, short story, picture book, chapter book).

Not only will you explore how to research, write, and edit stories in your chosen medium of literature, you will also gain an in-depth understanding into the publishing landscape and process. The masterclass endeavours to develop your writing voice, and while most students will aim to produce a finished work by the end of the course, the aim of the Masterclass is rather to develop your voice, tone, style, and skill. 

You will weekly receive feedback and discussion from your course supervisor, and have an in-depth discussion on your work every 2 weeks via video call (optional, as know not all students will have these facilities—we can do these sessions over email too). 

Modules in the Creative Writing Masterclass course:

Week 1-2: Practice, Practice, Practice

To start the course, we share readings by authoritative authors in your medium while setting you to the task of writing as many words as you can in a two-week process. The idea is to write without editing. To leave mistakes on the page and soldier forward. You will be given techniques and tools to use during this first section that may aid the process. The writing that comes out of the end of these two weeks will be used as a talking point between student and convenor. 

Week 3-4: Character Arc Development

In this section, we recommend reading by Maurice Sendak, and cover the definition of a character arc. We then move into a detailed look of the character's journey, particularly in your chosen medium, and set about creating two character sketches that will be used for discussion and further development. 

Week 5-6: Story Arc Development

In this section, we cover the definition of a story arc, both academically and creatively. We'll move into a detailed look of the general structure of a plot and story arc, particularly in your chosen medium, and set about developing up your own story arc. During these two weeks there will be a task set to write a 1-2 page synopsis of an original story, capturing both story arc and plot. 

Week 7: Work Presentation

It's time to pitch your book idea, which your course supervisor will have been helping you to craft over the previous 6 weeks. This week will see you compiling a pitch document for your book idea and pitching it to your course supervisor. You will be critiqued on your pitch itself and the content within it, and this pitch will then be developed in the next steps of the masterclass. 

Week 8-12: Work Development

Now we get to the real meat of the masterclass. We use your pitch document to get you working on your story. You will have weekly goals to attain and receive feedback weekly too. Your course supervisor will review your writing in detail and investigate various techniques and tools during this process. 

Week 13-14: Work Editing

This is a continuation of the development phase of the masterclass, but is focused on editing. Editing is a skill in and of itself, and many writers focus too much on it or leave it by wayside. In this section, we'll investigate various editing techniques while using your writing at the focus material. Again, there will be weekly goals and feedback. 

Week 15-16: The World of Publishing

By week 15, we aim to have a significant amount of writing completed so that we can begin to look into the act of publishing. Our publisher will guide you in the publishing landscape, both locally and internationally, and what processes look like in this world. 

The course ends with a final evaluation, an official review, and a printed certificate accredited by Imagnary House affirming your completion of the masterclass and your final grade. 

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