On Publishing | How to Self Publish

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Our self publishing creative course is designed to enable you to be your own publisher. It does not mean that we take over management of your book project in any way, but we outline all the necessary steps and help you to draw up a self publishing plan to ensure your book lives up to its potential in the market. You can download the course description here.

NB: This course will be most helpful if you have a completed manuscript with which we can work.

Modules in the How to Self Publish Course:

Week 1: The History of Self Publishing 

In this module, we understand the difference between self publishing and traditional publishing. This means going into detail about historical, physical and legal differences, including author royalties, capital investments, and an introduction into turning your writing into a business. 

Week 2-3: Editing and Evolving the Manuscript 

In this module, we explore how to edit and evolve your manuscript. Where many self published manuscripts fall down is that they're published too quickly, and don't have enough eyes running over them. Most traditionally published manuscripts have about 5 drafts after they're submitted to the publishing house. 

Week 4-5: Administrating Design, DTP and Typesetting 

In this module, we look into the administration (or action) or designing your book (including DTP and typesetting). In this section, we educate you about what to look out for, but also open our network of designers, illustrators, typesetters and DTP artists up to you.  

Week 5: Finding and Negotiating Your Printer

In this module, we outline what exactly you need in a printer, and why.

Week 6-7: Organising Distribution and Sales

In this module, we learn about book distribution and sales (physical and digital). This can include advice about setting up an e-commerce website, getting your book into bookstores, working with a distributor, holding book events, or running shops at marketplaces.  

Week 8-9: Your Book Launch and Marketing Strategy

In this module, we try to tackle the trickiest beast of all. After producing a book that can make you glow with pride, marketing is perhaps the most important part of self publishing. It determines whether your book will sell or not, and what kind of lifetime it will have. We advise what kind of marketing plan to devise, depending on your budget, and layout steps to help you implement it. 

Week 10: The Wrap Up 

In this module, we wrap up the entire course and make sure that you're ready to launch your book and turn it into a success. 

All short stories completed within this course by successful graduates will be considered for publication in a biennial anthology.

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