Liza Seele is a children's book author and poet, working and living on a timber farm near Baynesfield, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Once an engineer and now an imagineer, loves to inspire kids and adults alike to find light and laughter in both the small and big things that life throws our way.  In between ferrying a bazillion kids around as Mom’s Taxi, Liza started churning out poems for her kids’ school for almost every occasion. Popular demand and playful performances led her to properly pursuing her passion for writing and inspiring hopeful delight wherever she goes. She is a mum of three fabulous kids, Hannah, Lucie and Liam. She is married to Ben, and they live on a timber farm near Baynesfield, KwaZulu-Natal. 

Liza launched her debut children's book of hilarious poetry, Potjie Pot Poems, in January 2021.

About Potjie Pot Poems

Liza Seele's nose snortingly hilarious Potjie Pot Poems, with belly laugh inducing illustrations from Shannan Gia, from the South African melting pot brings children together under one banner: No more boring poems allowed at school! Dive into 85 pages of 30 different poems and join the Mzansi textbook strike. 

Poems to read and to perform
Rhymes in every shape and form
For kids, teachers, schools alike
Who have joined the Mzansi textbook strike:
It's time to march and then toyi-toyi
For every girl and every boy
Who's had to sit at school and suffer
One dreary poem after another!
Bring back poems that hit the spot,
Like those from the S'African melting pot...
We demand a brand-new rule:
No boring poems allowed at school!