Bailey Bezuidenhout is a children's book author, who lives in Johannesburg with her husband and six year old twin daughters.

Bailey Bezuidenhout author picture

After studying a Masters in Media in New York, the idea of writing children’s book lit a spark in Bailey and she began to write and illustrate more and more. Now, her notebooks are a maze of scribbles, arrows, bent corners and “turn the page” codes written in tiny hand writing. After four years in New York City, she returned home and became a full time mother before publishing her first title with Imagnary House in South Africa, Hello Trees.

Bailey is passionate about writing. She has a yearning for the quotidian of life that gets lost in the shadows of winter sun or at the back of toy cupboards when the world grows up around you. I want to chase it down or catch up with it, and gather it up and keep it safely in a book which I can open up and return to, just for a minute. As a mother of twins, she is an expert in magic and make-believe, negotiation, fairy letters, celebrating difference, telling stories, and creating marvellous characters.

Hello Trees front cover