Astika Chetram is brand-manager in Johannesburg, South Africa, a mother of three wonderful little monsters, and a children's book writer.

The Complete Guide to Being a Monster is Astika Chetram's first children's book. The tale is a fantastic read on how to be the best monster you can possibly be... have you practised your roar? Have you embraced the dark for its glow worms and twinkling stars? Have you built a lair yet? Follow three adorable little monsters, Ike, Spike and Mia, as they discover what it means to be a monster, and learn what it means to enjoy being you

An Interview with Astika Chetram

1. When did you start writing?

I’ve always loved to write from childhood. I started with poetry and creative writing at school and I’ve always loved it, and never stopped! 

2. Why do you write children’s books?

I think children’s stories are so much fun and have so much more room to explore and play than general fiction with creativity about the world, what can be, and the completely unimaginable. I have three children and witness on a daily basis how amazing their imaginations are. It’s so important to nurture that.

3. What is the power behind a story? 

A good story can unlock thoughts and actions. It has the ability to whisk you away to another world, to change you, and to bring people together. 

4. Where did The Complete Guide to Being a Monster originate from?

My own three little monsters were my inspiration. Each of them were raised in the same home, but each of them is so unmistakably unique.

5. What is your favourite quote from your children?

My kids have something amazing and crazy to say on a daily basis, but my favourite line from them is that, “Mummy is the best mummy in the world! No wait, Mummy is the best mummy in the universe!”