Aoife Lennon-Ritchie is a teen and young-adult fantasy novelist, known for her debut book A Viking Legend: The Violaceous Amethyst and for her work as a literary agent in Cape Town, South Africa.

Aoife Lennon-Ritchie, literary agent and author, brings out the first title in her humourous Viking-fantasy teen series, A Viking Legend: The Violaceous Amethyst.

This winter, siblings Ruairi and Dani Miller visit their grandmother in the legendary Viking island of Yondersaay. In less than twenty-four hours of their arrival, Ruairi is mistaken for the lost Boy King of Denmark, kidnapped by Vikings, and scheduled to be sacrificed at sundown. Granny isn’t very pleased. But when they are the only ones in town who fail to go “Viking,” the three turn to Granny’s extremely epic tales of the legends of Yondersaay, The Gifts of Odin, and King Dudo the Mightily Impressive for clues.