Originally hailing from England, children's book author Emily House is now based near Cape Town in South Africa. Emily works as a freelance illustrator and children's book author, with a passion for creation. 

Bonbon and Blanket front coverEmily House children's book author

Driven by copious amounts of tea and the odd slice of cake, Emily's debut children's book was Earth Takes a Break in 2020, with Bonbon & Blanket following in April 2021.

About Bonbon & Blanket

A new kids picture book by author Emily House (of Earth Takes a Break) brings us the heartwarming tale of Bonbon and Blanket and the lengths we'll go to hold onto those we love. A great pick for a kids bedtime storybook! 

Bonbon and Blanket’s friendship
is full of fun and adventure,
but the pair very soon discover
that not every adventure
is of their own choosing! 

About Earth Takes a Break

Earth feels unwell so she goes to the doctor. What the doctor prescribes seems impossible to Earth until she wakes the next day to a surprising change!

A modern fable inspired by the events of the Covid-19 crisis, Earth Takes a Break is a touching picture book jam-packed with fun illustrations and woven together with a message of hope.

The gentle, timeless story can be enjoyed by everyone. It has the bonus of being a clever tool to help children process aspects of lockdown without any explicit reference to the pandemic as well as subtly prompting discussion around environmental issues.