Hello, Trees

R 175.00

This is a story about trees. All about trees... and how we may be very much like them. 

A little girl wanders through a forest and asks questions about the trees she sees. She runs her hands along their trunks... the lines in the bark are so different to her, yet somewhat familiar. Are they like wrinkles in her granny's skin? If that's the case, what do the leaves say? And the roots and the branches and the colour of their flowers? 

Hello, Trees, written by Bailey Bezuidenhout and illustrated by Maria Lebedeva, investigates who we are by taking a closer look at the fascinating lives of trees. We are more than just a body and a name. We are more than just our feelings. Like trees, we are a culmination of many things. Life is a journey of imagination, of nature, and of ourselves. It sparks questions about who we are and what makes us who we are.

Book specs: 280mm x 210mm, 36 pp, softcover, ISBN 978-0-620-96786-0.