Mary-An (Mary-Anne Hampton) is a children's book illustrator, residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Mary-An has a hands-on approach to her work, putting hand-drawn illustrations to her heartfelt and inspiring manuscripts.

Mary-An has worked as an illustrator on two previous publications, The Hair Fair by C. A. Davids (2017) and Mizz President by Mapule Mohulatsi (2018), both published by Everychild Books. You can view examples of her most up to date illustrative work on her Instagram

Along with her brother Daniel, Mary-An started Hruki, a company that supports local music by partnering with up-and-coming bands with design and marketing. 

What a Wonderful World This Can Be is her first title with Imagnary House, and is an incredible look into what makes this world worth living in. Through the eyes of a child, we see just how we can make a difference in this world, taking on all the bad through one small act at a time.