June 16, 2017 — Imagnary House

In collaboration with Sk8 for Gr8, we're adding colour to the future of South African youth.  

On the 17th of July 2017, we collaborated with Sk8 for Gr8 to bring the ‘Add Colour’ campaign to life. The ‘Add Colour’ campaign is about encouraging design thinking and entrepreneurial skills in South African youth by using the arts.

Having partnered with the City of Cape Town, this campaign began in Atlantis with a collaborative mural, created by Liebet Jooste of Liebetland: A Colouring Book.

Jooste created a mural outline inspired by both the children in Atlantis and her imaginative world of Liebetland in an effort to uplift both the area and the youth’s knowledge of illustration. The children themselves were the ones who add colour and make it come alive.

Sk8 for Gr8 facilitated the mural event and tutored the children in design thinking, encouraging them to use this opportunity to broaden their horizons and consider a wider career path. 

Where you can help:

Like the mural in Atlantis, we're planning on doing several more murals. There are a few items that are needed in support. To purchase these supplies, the Add Colour collaboration is running an ongoing crowdfunding campaign. In particular, money is getting raised for these items:

  • Black and colour wall paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Stationary packs
  • Colouring-in books (Liebetland: A Colouring Book)

This where you come in. If you’d like to help support the Add Colour crowdfunding campaign, check it out here

Please join us and the City of Cape Town in celebrating the bright future ahead of our local South African youth. 

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