July 26, 2019 — Imagnary House
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Thank you for helping us serve the South African book industry and beyond! We so appreciate you. This small effort helps us enormously in choosing what, how, and where to publish books.


Imagnary House said:

Hi Rashmika, Thank you so much for your kind words to our team. We love the motivation that our local community offers us, and we hope to support that motivation with incredible local reads that truly stand up beside the international names. Thank you for your support. Kind regards, Imagnary House

Imagnary House said:

Hi Martin Hatchuel, We totally understand where you are coming from. We do hope the poll will be as accurate a general pool of information can be—it will always be a general outlook of our current market. However, our purpose of this poll is to ask which option of every question you are “most likely” to choose/buy/read/do. If you were to equally choose all options at the moment, then we would advise rather not to vote on that polling question at this time, and if your situation changes, you can return and vote at another time. All the best, Imagnary House

Rashmika said:

I love that your focus is youth literature. Very few South African publishers recognize its’ importance, and even fewer publishers accept fantasy and sci-fi, which I personally adore reading. If I want fantasy or magical realism, I read US/UK books. Thank you for making an effort to change that. I’m DYING to read local fantasy and sci-fi. Thanks for being pioneers in this. I really appreciate it.

Martin Hatchuel said:

This poll can’t be accurate if we can only answer one to the type of books we’ve bought, and the places we’ve bought them. Surely most people with access to the web buy online, and most people who love books buy at stores? You can’t always get what you want, so you go to the other option….

Same with hard and soft cover books. I think I buy an equal amount of both, btw, and buy equally from takealot and Bargain Books. (We don’t have Exclusive Books here in the platteland – which is another reason to buy on the web)

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