What a Wonderful World This Can Be

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By Mary-An

What a Wonderful World This Can Be is a ground-breaking picture book about how small acts can have big consequences. Author Mary-An tackles large topics like sustainability, bullying, and poverty, as well as incredibly heart-melting themes of kindness, bravery, and persistence. 

In this book, a little girl wonders at the wonderful world that is all around her. Have you ever wondered at the world? It's an amazing place! But there are some things that make us sad... and what can we do about them?

"One thing at a time. That's what we do.
One piece of rubbish picked out of the sea.
One sandwich for someone in some kind of need.
But please don't get tired, that just won't do.
For this world is a wonder and, my dear, so are you.

Specs: ISBN 978-0-6398061-5-0, 36 pages, 280mm x 210mm, softcover

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