Audioboook Production and Publishing

Our audio production team, led by sound engineer Calvin Davey, works with voice-over artists, foley artists, SFX (special effects), and composers to produce high-quality audiobooks and book trailers. 

We record and mix all of our audiobooks in-studio in Cape Town, South Africa, using local and international voice talent, with premium SFX and music. 

Audiobook Production and Original Soundtracks for Publishers and Self-Published Authors

Full production

This would encompass the full audiobook production package, from voice-over, recording, SFX, soundtrack composition, post-production, and all the way to file packaging.

Post production

This would encompass the audiobook post-production package. It would require the client to supply us with workable recordings of the books, of which we can edit, create SFX and soundtrack to, and package the files for sale. Our sound engineers would need to approve your sound files through a QA process before we agree to your project. 

Soundtrack Composition

This package solely takes advantage of our music and score compositions, wherein you would supply us with your audiobook (sans music), and we would write an original score to accompany your audiobook.

Samples of our audiobooks: