Book Dash is a wonderful literary organisation, whose aim it is to make it possible for every child to own 100 books at the age of 5. In line with this, all of their books are published under a Creative Commons license, meaning that they are free to be shared, distributed, altered, translated, and sold by whoever wishes. In this, they hope the books gain a far wider readership and that children everywhere may enjoy them. 

"All our books are made by a team of three creative professionals: a writer, an illustrator and a designer, working together with a support team of editors, technical directors and facilitators. Everyone volunteers their expertise during a 12-hour book-making event (called a Book Dash) to create beautiful, African storybooks for all to read and enjoy." — Book Dash

Below is our curated list of Book Dash books, which we love. They are each available for free download as an English PDF eBook below (other languages available on request).

Our Curated List of Book Dash Titles

Knight Times

Why do dragons always have to ruin everything? Now Lilly and Thinama need to chase down this troublesome reptile and restore the magical ruby to its rightful place.

Feathered Friends

The oakum boys go for a walk and discover strange new things: lots of different penguins, one special friend, and a very big change. Growing up can be the biggest adventure of all!


Mother Vulture takes Little Vulture on his first flight. On their journey, they see a dying gemsbok. She shows her son that the end of one animal’s life is also the beginning of a new cycle for other creatures.


A certain little girl is in the habit of saying ‘No’. She says it a lot. In fact, all of the time. One day though, she is faced with a very tempting question and can’t help but say ‘Yes!’ Perhaps saying ‘Yes’ isn’t so bad after all.

The Cottonwool Doctor: The Story of James Barry

Margaret was clever and curious. Margaret had big dreams. But 200 years ago a girl could not become a doctor. So she cut off her hair and she put on boy’s clothes. From then onwards, no one knew that Margaret was a girl. She became James Barry.

My Special Hair

A story about my special hair. How special it can be. So many types of special hair. Just look around, you’ll see.

Small Bird's Big Adventure

Small Bird loves the Giant. But where is the Giant? Small Bird goes on an adventure to find her.

What is it?

What is it? It isn’t like me. Do you think it’s dangerous?

Lara the Yellow Ladybird

A yellow bug in a world of red, Lara the Ladybird just wants to fit in.

Little Sock and the Tiny Creatures

It’s wash day for the Socks, but where has Little Sock gone?

How About You?

You don’t need to be alike to be friends. When two very different children meet an unusual creature, it’s a chance to ask, How About You?

Sleep Mr Sloth

He’s quite good at climbing. He knows how to swing. But sleeping’s his favourite, favourite thing!

We'll be adding to this list of our favourite Book Dash titles, as more and more are published, so keep an eye out!