May 22, 2016 — Imagnary House

We are so proud to have our debut author featured on South Africa's premier creative journal, Design Indaba, and interviewed on writing and illustrating children's books.

"As a child, writer and illustrator Brad Harris remembers listening to his father’s “fantastic” tales while cruising on a Cape Town highway. Although his father never wrote anything down, what stuck with Harris was the powerful impact storytelling had on his imagination. Now, Harris illustrates and writes children books while using his skills to mentor young minds. Through his creations, Harris imparts some of the whimsy that shaped his childhood. “I try to imagine what I used to see the world like as a child - drawing on that innocence to depict the imaginary in everyday life,” he says."

Children's Book Creative Writing Course

"After graduating with a BA in English and Classics, Harris found that storytelling did not have to be confined to written word. “In fact, my love of illustration began to feed my writing and vice versa,” he says. “I illustrate for the same reason that I write now, and that is to tell a specific story of specific intention.” His latest work, an anthology of seven illustrated short stories, entitled Seven, was released in May. “Five of these stories explore loss and fatherhood while the final two try to understand the process of writing itself,” he explains."

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