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Imagnary House is a boutique publisher and bookstore with a special focus on children’s books. We have a big heart for children’s literacy and imaginations in South Africa. One day, we hope to make the children's books that we love available in every part of our beautiful country. Because, we believe that enjoying the ability to read is the right of a child from all languages, areas and cultures. 

“We believe that beautiful books, made of imaginative illustrations and meaningful stories, become collectables. They are a legacy of childhood to be passed onto our children, and to their children. The touch of a book, the feel and smell of the paper, being able to interact with each page is something that ignites the imagination and stays with the child forever, creating a lifelong love for imaginative story.”

Support 'The Brave Turtle'

The Brave Turtle, by B. D. Harris and Megan Bird, is a children's chapter book about family, bravery, and written with a great respect for our country's wild waters. 
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Support 'The New Girl Code'

The New Girl Code, by Niki Smit and edited by Buhle Ngaba, is a teen novel about coming of age, the tech world, and what it means to be a South African teen. 
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Top 5 Quotes from Writers and Poets

Top 5 Quotes from Writers and Poets

At Imagnary House, we are inspired and motivated by the incredible writers of history to continue doing what we do. In this blog, you can read about our publisher's top 10 quotes from writers and poets around the world that motivate him to continue publishing great children's books and young-adult literature. 
April 26, 2019 by Imagnary House
We're Hiring! PA to Publisher 📚 [closed]

We're Hiring! PA to Publisher 📚 [closed]

As personal assistant, you’ll provide administrative support to our Publisher. Because of this, you’ll be responsible for a large range of tasks, from human resources, to author liaisons, diary-management, event management, communications, and still other smaller tasks.
October 01, 2018 by Imagnary House
Our 2018 Call for Submissions

Our 2018 Call for Submissions

We are a boutique publishing house for kids' books and young-adult literature in South Africa. Aaaaaand, jumpin' jiminy! We're calling for submissions. Our priority this year is to find young-adult fantasy, science-fiction, and alternative history novels. We're also looking for children's chapter books and picture books that are sophisticated, fun and imaginative. We are not looking for educational, didactic, or moral-focused stories.
June 07, 2018 by Imagnary House