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Imagnary House is a book publisher and bookstore with a special focus on children’s books and young-adult literature. We have a big heart for children’s literacy and imaginations in South Africa. One day, we hope to make the children's books that we love available in every part of our beautiful country (and world). Because, we believe that enjoying the ability to read is the right of children from all languages, areas and cultures. 

Dive into our newest pages and discover roaring monsters, dragons, colourful characters, kweens, magicians, vikings, and so much more. 

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Wanting to publish a book or book series for your business or organisation? Since launching our partner-publishing services, we've been fortunate enough to work with some incredible clients, like NSRI, The Learning Initiative, Otto Foundation, and Inspiring Fifty

Perhaps you haven't quite formed the story of it yet, or maybe you have a ready manuscript. Either way, we walk you through the process, helping you to conceptualise, plan, produce, market, distribute, and sell your book. We will assign a professional publishing consultant to your project, who works with you every step of the way, making sure you stay within your budget and get the reach you need for your project. > Talk to us 

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The Science Behind Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Science Behind Bedtime Stories for Kids

Once upon a time... Those four words hold so much promise for young ears. A time for them to leave behind reality and allow their imaginations to take them to fantastic places, in the safe company of a parent or parents. How many of us remember, with fondness, these words?
September 23, 2022 by Ted Harris
Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs? (Plus Our Fave Five Dinos)

Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs? (Plus Our Favourite Dinos)

Big and scary! That's probably the first thing that kids think of when dinosaurs are mentioned. This begs the question, why are kids so fascinated by dinosaurs? There have been some learned opinions given as to why children find dinosaurs so intriguing*, and we dug into the evidence to come up with the most likely four reasons that kids love them. 
July 04, 2022 by Ted Harris
What is didactic writing for children

What is Didactic Writing and When to Avoid It?

Our focus at Imagnary House is on the kinds of stories that children and young adults enjoy. More so than older audiences, children are very quick to pick up when they are being preached to. That's why we would like books to put the story front and centre, to facilitate the development of imagination. 
June 08, 2022 by Ted Harris