Lulu na Luba. Ubonani?

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What do you see?
What do we see…? 

A future where indigenous languages are preserved and not extinct, spoken to express love and to create a magnificent reality.

By 2100, predictions say that half of the world’s spoken languages will either vanish or be on the brink of extinction.  

In response to this alarming trend, UNESCO, Indigenous Peoples Organizations and UN indigenous mechanisms have collaboratively designated the period from 2022 to 2032 as the International Decade of Indigenous Languages.

Let's preserve our indigenous languages by instilling them in kids from a young age, and highlighting them as languages of love and creation. 

Customer Reviews

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Sibo Magongo

Everything about the book screams perfection. From the cover, the texture up to the illustration. It is definitely a fun read that has added onto my son's Siswati vocabulary and imaginative side. Looking forward to the long-lasting impact it will have on future generations to come. Looking forward to more of the Lulu na Luba series. 👌👌

Fun Read for Kids

My daughter and I absolutely love this book. It is beautifully illustrated which is captivating for her and the story is simple and fun. The book made her curious about IsiSwati and we ended up opening the map to show her where Eswatini is. She loves the brother and sister interaction between Lulu and Luba🤩, we can't wait for more books in this series.

A joy to read

What a well thought out and beautifully put together book. I’ve throughly enjoyed reading Lulu na Luba with my little boy. Here’s to more adventures with Lulu and Luba.

Mmilidzi Habangaan
Lulu na Luba - A Game Changer

The concept and execution of this production is simply sublime. The wealth and depth of the African languages should be preserved and what better way than to start at the grassroots level. The potential to sprawl across the continent is right at the authors fingertips and I’m really excited about this and future installments of Lulu and Luba’s adventures.