Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat #1

R 95.00

Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat is a new South African comic book series by Subi Bosa, which centres around the cat Miyayu and his mischievous adventures.

Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat (Vol #1, No #1) introduces Miyayu as the beloved central character of the series; a wild cat living in the big city. Miyayu has a big heart and huge ideas, but his plans never quite seem to turn out right... for him or anybody else. The comic series includes hilarious characters, such as Miyayu, Sebastian's Cat, Tendo, Mami Wota, Miko, Chi-chi, and so many more! 

The current annual 32-page children's comic book is made up of multiple comic strip stories.  

Specs: Paperback, 32 pages, ISBN 978-0-620-96944-4, RRP ZAR115.00