My Brother's Squiggle

R 160.00

From the same talents that brought you The Chalk Giraffe comes a new adventure. 

One morning, a little boy with a big imagination draws a tiger. He’s just certain it’s a fearsome tiger! But his sister has doubts… it looks just like a line and a squiggle! As their debate takes off, suddenly the two siblings are thrown into a colourful world where make-believe and reality find a meeting place, and a tiger, a T-Rex and a family of giraffes become their teammates to figure it all out.

As a sequel to The Chalk Giraffe, or as a stand-alone tale of creativity and perspective/empathy, this story knits each child's unique creativity into the universal theme of complex and growing sibling relationships. What if your drawings magically came to life, only to prove rather demanding art critics? Oh, the hassle!

Details: 40 pages, 21cm x 21cm, ISBN 978-0-620-99765-2.