The Straw Giant and the Crow

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The Straw Giant & The Crow by Jess Bosworth Smith is a heartfelt and off-the-wall story about a mysterious relationship between a straw giant and a crow.

There is a field afar that holds an incredible secret... a giant lives there who is made of straw. One winter, grumpy and miserable with his cold surroundings, the Straw Giant chases away all the other animals in his field. That is, until the Crow arrives and begins to leave him little gifts each morning.

A sweet and subtle friendship emerges — but will the Crow be able to last the Winter Solstice? Will their friendship defy the cold clutches of winter and last out?

Printed book SOLD OUT (specs: A4 portrait, 62 pages, mock hardcover, ISBN 978-0-6399343-1-0).

Only eBook for sale at this point. 

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