July 09, 2019 — Imagnary House

At Imagnary House, we are proud to announce that Alison has come onboard as our Creative Director. 

Alison Parker Harris

Directing art, creativity and media to innovate and support community and business, feeds her hunger for meaningful business and product solutions. With a key strength in ideation and creative strategy, Alison sees problems as opportunities to innovate and create.

I believe that human-centred strategic design and thinking is vital to a successful project, because it creates a more engaging and meaningful result, and therefor base all my projects off of this framework. I'm always eager to make new connections and pursue collaboration, so if you see synergy I'd love to hear more.

Alison works alongside our publisher in selecting, developing and producing excellent children's books and young-adult literature, but she is also focused on a new wing of our company, Imagnary Studios. Pioneered by Alison, Imagnary Studios will be looking to take the stories that we have and build them out into other mediums (games, TV, film, merch, and more). 

Alison Parker's illustration 1

Alison Parker's illustration 2

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