Imaginary George was born in Number Seventeen on Drostdy Lane, which is a small double-story house with a tiled red roof in Surrey, England.

The house was a lot like one of those places you read in fairytales — too small to believe it was double-story, and filled with hidden corners, loose floorboards, and creaking doorways. Growing up as a mute child, this was George’s escape, to enjoy his house as a castle… and from out of this were his mad stories born.

Living in Surrey for most of his early life, George began his career as a carpenter and joiner, always telling tales around his wooden creations to those who would listen. It was only in late 2016, when George moved to Cape Town, South Africa, that he ventured to look at publishing anything.

The Magician’s Son, then, marks George’s first publication, of which 6 more are to follow, each connected to the same Traveller’s world.