We use various partners for book sales, distribution, right sales and management, throughout the world. In order to buy our books for trade or purchase rights to our titles, please contact our appropriate partner below. 

Trade Book Sales & Distribution

  1. South Africa (including SADC countries): 
    Jonathan Ball Publishers (ATT: Maryanne Hancock)
    Email: maryanne.hancock@jonathanball.co.za
    Online: https://b2b.jonathanball.co.za/B2B/ 

  2. Worldwide (excluding SADC countries): 
    Imagnary House (ATT: Brad Harris)
    Email: hello@imagnaryhouse.com

Rights & Translations

  1. Literary & Translation Rights
    S. B. Rights Agency (ATT: Stephanie Barrouillet)
    Email: stephanie@sbrightsagency.com 

  2. Film/TV Licensing and Rights (and Other Media)
    Imagnary House (ATT: Brad Harris)
    Email: hello@imagnaryhouse.com

    Read more about our rights sales here

All Other Inquiries (Readings/Events/Etc)

  1. Imagnary House (ATT: Ashka-Leigh de Goede)
    Email: hello@imagnaryhouse.com