Megan Bird is an illustrator and graphic designer from Pretoria, South Africa. She has a fondness for sandwiches, bubblegum milkshakes, and building pillow forts with her two children.

Megan Bird

Holding a BA degree in visual communication design from Open Window, Bird co-founded the DRIEHOEK illustration collective (which is focussed on collaborative illustration). Over the years, Bird has launched many successful exhibitions in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town. 

Her work "varies from quirky intricate illustration to beautiful simple corporate identities". We think her style has something special that will hold a place in the halls of Illustration History for some time to come. It is wild and sensitive at the same time - combining a fine-art eye with digital mediums for stunning visuals.

Bird's first publication with us was a wonderfully re-imagined classic children's tale by Lewis Carroll. Her version of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland is a splendid modern twist of maddened adventure. She is also the illustrator for NSRI-inspired children's chapter book, The Brave Turtle. Her most recent book is What on Earth am I?, a dive into identity and deep world-questions posed in a fun way for kids.