July 10, 2019 — Imagnary House

We are a boutique publishing house for kids' books and young-adult literature in South Africa, and we're calling for manuscript submissions. Send us your novels, picture books, and more!

Our Mission as a Publishing House

Before you dive in and send us your work, it's good to know what we stand for. Imagnary House is focused on building a larger market for African children's authors and illustrators, by both igniting the local readership and engaging with international readers, rights and literary agents. 

Read more on the development of our "misspelt" name.

Our 2019 Call for Submissions

Get excited! On the 1st of July 2019, our submissions opened, until the 30th of September 2019.


We're Looking For...

Our priority this year is to find teen or fantasy, science-fiction, and alternative history novels.

We are also still considering, as always, children's chapter books and picture books that are sophisticated, fun and imaginative. 


Imagnary House said:

@Liz McKenzie – What a wonderful message to receive. Thank you! We will be re-opening our submissions in 2021 and we will make the announcement on all of our social media platforms, as well as through our email newsletter and post a blog announcement… so if you are following us on any of those platforms then you will be sure to be updated. As for right now, we aren’t making any specific dates public – but we are planning on it being within the first half of 2021.

Liz McKenzie said:

I first saw your web page during the hard lockdown 2020. It gave me such hope as Imagnary House is JUST the very publishers I had been looking for.
I was so excited by your attitude towards South African Authors writing books for our South African children, that I submitted my manuscript right then as I was so fired up! Apologies submissions were not open at that time.
I would like to be informed when I can resubmit. Thank you.

Imagnary House said:

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is not business as usual and we will only be accepting submissions again in early 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience to authors hoping to submit earlier, but do hold on… we’re almost there!

Jay said:

Please advise when is your call for submission for this year, 2020?

Philip du Plessis said:

When will you receive submissions again?

Imagnary House said:

Hi Adriaan and Shihaam,
We do not have a set date for our 2020 open submissions. Due to setbacks from the COVID-19 crisis, we have had to hold back from considering new material for the foreseeable future until we can better understand the future of the economy and know what we can realistically commit to. We will re-open submissions at some point, however, so please do keep an eye on our social media and website for announcements.
Shihaam, we focus our publishing activity on Southern Africa, but we sell translation rights to our books internationally.

Shihaam said:

When does the2020 submission period start? Does Imagnary publish internationally?

Adriaan Tredoux said:

Hi, i am busy writing a fantasy novel and would like to know when submissions for 2020 can be sent in.

Imagnary House said:

Hi Venessa and Kelly, Just to update you on your questions—yes, all submissions will be responded to, and we are trying our very best to let all submitting authors know the outcome before year-end of 2019.

Kelly van Rooyen said:

Hi there! I submitted a manuscript at the end of August – will I hear from you before the end of the year?

Vennessa said:

hi there. wrt the recent submission period: if a manuscript is rejected, will you let authors know?

Imagnary House said:

Hi Amanda,
We do accept Afrikaans manuscripts! We look forward to reading your submission. Please make sure, however, that your synopsis and author bio is written in English.
Best, Imagnary House

Amanda Coetsee said:

Do you accept Afrikaans manuscripts as well? I am looking for a publisher for a teen fantasy.

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