Tilly & Thandeka: The Crown of Ancient Ghana

R 130.00

Adventures only happen to grown-ups and children in story books. Or do they?

Tilly is a girl who dreams of adventures. When she is sent to live with her mysterious explorer Aunt in her old house atop a sugar cane hill, she has no idea what to expect. She finds a house full of books and strange artefacts, the odd delicious biscuit, an absent-minded aunt often away on adventures, a border collie called Livingston and Thandeka, a new friend. 

Then the valuable crown of ancient Ghana is stolen from a museum exhibition. Tilly and Thandeka begin to connect the dots and fall headlong into their first adventure, but will they be brave enough to make it through?

SPECS: paperback, 65 pages, 203mm x 127mm (5" x 8")