Liefie (Darling)

R 90.00

From the illustrator of The Straw Giant & The Crow comes a new picture book, Liefie. Explore the wonders and worries of having a surprise new child with this heart-melting family of otters!  

'Liefie' by Jessica Bosworth Smith is an incredibly heart-warming and humorous take on a family of otters, who have a surprise laat-lammetjie (Afrikaans term — "the late lamb" — which is a South African phrase for a surprise child born long after their siblings). 

Book specs: A5 portrait, mock hardcover, 34 pages, ISBN 978-0-6398061-2-9 

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Ask a Question
  • What age range is the book aimed at? And at what level is the language used? Thank you!

    The book is aimed at 2-4 year olds, with very basic language used and few words, focusing rather on the development of the story through pictures that encourage conversation between parents and children.