Tina Tadpole: Witch in Training

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Tina Tadpole: Witch in Training is David Bourke's first children's book.

Tina is a different kind of witch, especially being green and all. Going to school has always seen Tina being the odd one out, and she doesn't mind one bit. But, that means choosing her pet isn't quite so easy as her classmates find it. Which magical beast will Tina choose?

Tina Tadpole is a hilarious read with lots fun running from beginning to end. Prepare for nose snorting, hair pulling, belly aching, and eye watering laughs! Don't say we didn't warn you...

Details: 32 pages, 20cm x 20cm, free eBook PDF with softcover purchase, ISBN 978-0-620-74678-6

Customer Reviews

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Deirdre Smith
Beautiful Story

What a brilliant beautiful book , as a woman who works with children with special needs , this book very easily and cleverly bridges the gap and explains what it’s like to be different in a world full of different people. A fun filled exciting story for children. Beautifully written and illustrated, looking forward to the next one . Deirdre

This is so wonderful to hear, Deirdre! Thank you for your review.

Nihaad Gamieldien
Fun filled

This book is a fun filled, laughter inducing storybook that gives a glimpse of what it means to be different in a world of spells and enchantments. It’s beautifully illustrated and encourages the little ones to think outside of the box.

Gordon Ritchie
So funny!

The story is very exciting, and the illustrations are hilarious... especially the illustrated relationship/rivalry between Tina and Harriett.

Brad Harris
Exciting and hilarious

Fun, hilarious, and exciting. A great one if your kid is into magical tales, but perhaps not quite a bedtime story... it's a little too exciting for that.