Submissions are closed until July 2018. Submissions submitted before then will not be considered — unless they are submitted for our self-publishing services.

Hi, friend! These guidelines contain all the info that you might need to submit your manuscript to Imagnary House for consideration of publication. Yay! Please know that submissions for The Imagnary have now opened too.

Imagnary House will consider submissions in the following genres:

  • Children’s long form fiction (think Roald Dahl and CS Lewis narratives)
  • Young adult science-fiction and fantasy
  • Local comic books
  • Local graphic novels

Children's Books

We're looking for long form children's fiction that is fun and imaginative. Make us laugh! Make us wonder, think, get warm fuzzy feelings, or cry... but don't try to educate us. 

We don't look at or accept any educational children's stories. Let your story carry a meaning, but don't let your meaning carry a story. Children can smell the latter a mile off, and they will run. 

Remember, a children's book length is anything between 30,000 and 50,000 words. But that should in no way restrict you or your story.

We're not looking for any new picture books at this time, unless something is exceptionally "Wow!".

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Young Adult Books

We're looking for alternative-history, science-fiction and fantasy books. Let's get crazy.

Again, we want universal books that can hold an international audience, but which have roots in our country. We want to give our local writers the opportunity to enter into the international stage.

We find that young adult books in these genres are usually between 60,000 and 90,000 words long. Again, this is a guideline and not a rule. If it's a great story, send us that 200,000 word manuscript and let's create a wonder. 

Comic Books & Graphic Novels

    This is the first time we're opening up submissions to anything like this... so we don't entirely know what we're looking for. We do want submissions that are grounded in African culture or heritage, but which also carry an international quality in both story and illustration.

    We want to explore our country and its intricacies in this genre, but do it in a way so that the stories can travel all around the world. If you know what we mean, send something our way. 

    How to Submit

    Manuscript submissions are now closed. Please don't submit your book for traditional publishing services, unless solicited. 

    You may submit manuscripts for self-publishing services only to Gordon Ritchie at We aren't telepathic yet, so please make sure your email clearly states your name and contact details.

    We're green like Seuss's eggs, yo. That means your submission should be sent digitally in .PDF or .docx format. We don't accept hardcopy submissions (unless requested). 

    Owing to the volume of submissions we receive, the assessment process may in some instances take up to 4 months. 

    Submission for publication places Imagnary House under no obligation to publish your material, and we reserve the right to select our publication list according to our own in-house guidelines. 

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