Lucy & Mum's Shoes

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Hear the audiobook sample below (produced by Calvin Davey):

Lucy and Mum's Shoes (written by Emily Child and illustrated by Warwick Kay) is the story a girl who hears the world a little differently. She is fascinated by the sounds around her, especially the sound of shoes. She dreams of a life where she is surrounded by high-heels. She dreams of being grown-up. 

Feeling brave one morning, Lucy sneaks into her mother’s cupboard and tries on her favourite pair of stilettos. An unusual and dreamlike day of high-heeled hope, happiness and hindrance follows, leaving Lucy a little less certain that she wants to feel grown-up after all… Lucy invites children (and adults) to be a part of her unique and quirky soundscape. Infused with a surreal eccentricity, this story uncovers what it means to “love the shoes you’re in”.

Details: 20cm x 20cm, 32 pages, softcover purchase includes free eBook PDF, ISBN 978-0-620-74679-3

Customer Reviews

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Nihaad Gamieldien
4 Stars

Lucy and Mum’s Shoes is a wonderfully enjoyable book, filled with something for all the senses. It was entertaining and fun filled; but also quite relatable too. I think all of us dreamed of being adults as kids! We wanted to drive and sit at the big table and wear bright shiny red stilettos that made cool sounds. So even though this is a book for children, I feel that the grownups reading this little story will have a laugh or two thinking back to the good old days.

Brad Harris
A hilarious tale for little girls

'Lucy and Mum's Shoes' tackles gender stereotypes by portraying Lucy as a "not-so typical girl"... and yet one who wants with all her might to wear her mum's high-heel shoes. And all the way through Neville, the grumpy frog, is hilarious to find hidden amongst the pages.

Gordon Ritchie
A wonderful local book!

'Lucy' is super kids book about an eccentric little girl who tries to grow up too fast. The illustrations are enormously bright and eccentric to match Lucy's character. The kids seem to love the spread where Lucy is leopard crawling "James Bond" style down the corridor to (SPOILER) sneak her mom's shoes away.