Our 2018 Call for Submissions

We are a boutique publishing house for kids' books and young-adult literature in South Africa.

Aaaaaand, jumpin' jiminy! We're calling for submissions.

Our Mission as a Publishing House

Before you dive in and send us your work, it's good to know what we stand for. Imagnary House is focused on building a larger market for African children's authors and illustrators, by both igniting the local readership and engaging with international readers, rights and literary agents. 

Read more on the development of our "misspelt" name.

Our 2018 Call for Submissions

Get excited! On the 1st of July 2018 (and only then), we're opening up our submissions, until the 31st of July 2018.


We're Looking For...

Our priority this year is to find teen or young-adult fantasy, science-fiction, and alternative history novels. We're also looking for children's chapter books and picture books that are sophisticated, fun and imaginative. We are not looking for educational, didactic, or moral-focused stories. We definitely lean towards manuscripts that are diverse and can travel across different cultures and countries.

We will also consider fantasy/science-fiction comic book and graphic novel submissions, but we will be extremely selective in this category.

Writers and illustrators can submit their work on our submissions page from 1 July. Submissions will close on the 31st of July 2018.

June 07, 2018 by Imagnary House

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