Our 2021 Call for Submissions

We are a boutique publishing house for kids' books and young-adult literature in South Africa, and we're calling for manuscript submissions. Send us your fantasy/sci-fi novels, comic books, kids' picture books, and non-fiction children's books!

Submissions will open on 1 May 2021. 

Only Accepting Submissions For

Please do not send us submissions outside of the following genres:

  • Young-adult or adult fantasy or science-fiction novels
  • Comic books 
  • Children's picture books
  • Non-fiction children's books

Our priority this year is focused on children's picture books, chapter books and non-fiction children's books.

Our Mission as a Publishing House

Before you dive in and send us your work, it's good to know what we stand for. Imagnary House is focused on building a larger market for African children's authors and illustrators, by both igniting the local readership and engaging with international readers, rights and literary agents. 

Read more on the development of our "misspelt" name.

Our 2021 Call for Submissions

Get excited! On the 1st of May 2021 our submissions will open and remain so until the 30th of September 2021. 




Jeanne said:

Good Day

How do I submit my stories, I write Children’s stories and would like to submit them for publishing?

Please advise

Jeanne Gleimius

Imagnary House

Imagnary House said:

Hi Jeanne, we’re so glad to hear that! As you’ll note in our post above, our submissions will open on 1 May 2021 and the submission form will be provided on our Submissions page, which is linked to in the blog above (if you click on “view submission details”).


Charlotte said:

Good Day

I would like to find out if stories that are African centered will be considered for publication?

Imagnary House

Imagnary House said:

Hi Charlotte, certainly! We would love to read African-centered manuscripts. They would ideally be poised in a way that they can still be enjoyed by international readers, though, as our focus as a publishing house is in growing local authors internationally.


Henlu said:

Hello there!
Is Imagnary House looking for submissions in Afrikaans, and more specifically, for fantasy?

Imagnary House

Imagnary House said:

Hi Henlu,

We are accepting submissions in Afrikaans, and fantasy novels are part of our current criteria for submissions. So yes to all!

However, if possible, please do try to write your author biography and synopsis in English (not a necessity, but preferred). This is only so that our entire panel can review those elements, while our Afrikaans Editor can review the manuscript itself.

Kind regards,
Imagnary House


Ramsha said:

Hi, would you consider a YA contemporary, coming of age book? Or is it strictly sci fi and fantasy YA you consider?

Zethembiso Hlongwane

Zethembiso Hlongwane said:

I write horror and paranormal so does this mean I can’t submit my manuscript?

Imagnary House

Imagnary House said:

@Ramsha and @Zethembiso Hlongwane Unfortunately at this time we are not considering outside of the SFF genres for young adult novels. But we will update our submission guidelines as soon as this changes.

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