Wanting to publish a book or book series for your business or organisation? We walk you through the process, helping you plan, produce, market, distribute, and sell your book. We will assign a professional publishing consultant to your project, who works with you every step of the way, making sure you stay within your budget and get the reach you need.

Clients we've worked with

Since launching our self-publishing services in mid-2017, we've been fortunate enough to work with some incredible clients (both locally and internationally). Some of these clients have been:

  • National Sea Rescue Initiative (NSRI): We worked with NSRI to write, illustrate, and publish The Brave Turtle, a children's book that encourages kids to respect the ocean.
  • New Contrast Literary Journal: We have, so far, worked on two volumes of New Contrast journals (who are the oldest literary journal publication in South Africa), covering eight different publications. 
  • Inspiring Fifty: We have partnered with Inspiring Fifty (a Netherlands-based youth NGO) to bring their teen-novel, The New Girl Code, to a South African audience.

Publishing your book in South Africa

Perhaps you haven't quite formed the story of it yet, but you know what theme or idea you want to talk about. Perhaps you have a ready manuscript, but need an appropriate illustrator to complete the book? Either way, we can help you get your book ready to be published, and then our publishing consultant will take you through the production and distribution process step-by-step. We could even produce and publish your audiobooks. Every self-publishing book project is customised to its own requirements and our team is very flexible to adapt to your needs.

Get in touch with us for a quote on writing or illustrating your book, and be sure to mention if you have a specific budget in mind.


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